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1st ELCA workshop of 2021
2021-04-09 15:00:07
First ELCA workshop of 2021 will be held in April and will inaugurate the work of all 6 working groups in several parallel sessions.

The event will take place on 26th and 29th April 2021 online. The aim of the workshop is to support potential future collaboration between members of the ELCA Network. Only members of ELCA and affiliates can take part in it.

What will the workshop involve?

  • Working group leaders together with the ELCA office will present the scope of the working groups,
  • Participants will have the chance to share concept ideas and discuss potential collaborations during 2021 and beyond, in the framework of Horizon Europe and other EU programmes.

Registration is available here: https://www.eventbrite.es/e/elca-workshops-2021-tickets-148207110457. The number of places is limited. You must register for a specific date that relates to a network member's (WG) working group.

Our Cluster is a member of:

  • WP3 – Design and Smart Functions,
  • WP4 – Manufacturing,
  • WP6 – Scrap separation&recycling.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact our Office: phone. 52 515 30 73, e-mail: a.dabrowska@klaster.bydgoszcz.pl.

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