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ToM-PaR Jerzy Rutkowski
ToM-PaR Jerzy Rutkowski
Jerzy Rutkowski - Właściciel
Mościska, ul. Chabrowa 36

The ToM-PaR Jerzy Rutkowski company is a highly respected manufacturer of car accessories. We manufactures various types: scrapers, brush-scrapers, washing brushes, squeegees, fuel funnels, bike brushes and many more.

The company has been on the market since 1988, and it is still developing dynamically. The head office is in Mościska in the Masovia Province. It covers the office and logistics center, warehouses and transhipment place. The company also has a second branch located in Stawiski in the Podlasie. It is an extensive production center located at the transport hub to the East, on the route Łomża - Augustów. It is an additional asset for recipients from Russia, Lithuania and Belarus.

To meet the expectations of customers, tracking, and often also creating new trends on the car accessories market, the company is constantly expanding its range and investing in modern technologies.

In 2005, it enriched its facilities with a modern machinery park for the production and processing of bristles. In the 2011 season, she launched the Premium series of new products: scrapers and brush scrapers from the NICE TOUCH line, which is very popular among demanding customers. In 2012, new modern machines appeared in the production halls, and with them - new products in the catalog. At the beginning of 2013, the Nice Touch series was expanded to include products from the new summer collection - a car wash brush, available in up to 8 variants.

In the following years, the company expanded its assortment with further series of squeegees and brush-squeegees. The offer also includes various types of specialist car wash sponges that are highly appreciated by customers.

2017 is the implementation of new, advanced technologies for the production of, among others, three-component TOP DRY II squeegee, whose serial production began at the beginning of 2018.

In 2018 our company introduced a unique series of brush-scrapers with wooden handle, with modern design immediately reserved for countries of European Union. It is the only series of winter products in the world following new trend of car accessories market – ECO TREND. Plastic elements used are fully recyclable, wood is FSC certified.

We cordially invite you to cooperate with ToM-PaR.