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PW BRAT Piotr Barlik
PW BRAT Piotr Barlik
Piotr Barlik – Właściciel
Ołowiana 10

From a rough sketch, graphic design, through 3D prototyping and the whole production process, we’ve been producing original bicycle parts since 1990. We proudly represent the processing industry of Bydgoszcz, both in Poland and abroad. We cooperate with the best bicycle manufacturers. Our products stand out for high quality. We have a strong focus on the designing part of the process. We always make sure to keep up with the latest bicycle industry trends. We come up with our own products and introduce them to the market and we also gladly collaborate with our customers on their individual projects. We have specialised knowledge in the field of metalworking and plastics processing and therefore our clients can always count on a professional advice.

  • MODERN MACHINE PARK: multiple injection moulding machines with high clamping force including two-component injection technology, 3D prototyping, extruders, eccentric and hydraulic presses and much more.
  • POLISH CAPITAL, FAST RESPONSIVENESS: we execute the whole production process in Poland, remaining unbeatably fast and mobile.
  • MULTILINGUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: our foreign customers can count on professional service in one of 5 foreign languages spoken by our experts.